Research Program

Our research program addresses fundamental questions on the regulation and mechanism of action of ncRNAs, their roles in development and their disease relevance:

1) How are ncRNA biogenesis and transport controlled in CV cells?

2) Through which mechanisms do ncRNA control CV signaling and infer with e.g. epigenetic control, transcription and mRNA processing?

3) How do ncRNAs govern disease processes and regeneration, and can this be exploited by manipulating their expression or activity?

These questions will be addressed by combining outstanding and complementary expertise in a collaborative manner, making use of an excellent infrastructure and state-of-the art technology at our sites, and by educating young scientists in an interdisciplinary environment.

Research Focus Areas

Our research includes two main research focus areas aiming at new targets for therapy development. They are complemented by infrastructural projects.


Project section A assembles projects that analyse the regulation and mechanism of action of non-coding RNAs. Section B of the subprojects bundles projects that aim to decipher the role of ncRNAs in CV development, disease and regeneration. The infrastructure is ensured by three central projects providing “omics-“ and bioinformatic platforms as well as coordinative and administrative support (section Z).