Non-coding RNA in the cardiovascular system

New therapeutic targets

Collaborative Research Centre/ Transregio TRR 267

Mission statement

Our mission

It is our collective mission to advance our understanding of non-coding RNA in the CV system and, by addressing key steps of cardiovascular development, homeostasis and disease development, to break ground for novel therapeutic strategies. To advance the understanding of ncRNA in the cardiovascular system and to break ground for novel therapeutic strategies.

Research projects

The field of ncRNA is rapidly developing and probably most – if not all- key processes in cells are directly or indirectly controlled by these molecules. TRR 267 contributes to decipher the function of ncRNAs in the cardiovascular system thereby gaining important insights into the regulatory mechanisms of CV disease. This may – in long-term – also open novel therapeutic avenues. Our research includes two main research focus areas aiming at new targets for therapy development. They are complemented by infrastructural projects.

The research program aims on targeting specific, unmet medical needs, particularly the aspect of cardiac remodelling and heart failure, vascular remodelling and reparative/regenerative processes. An important bassis for these studies are disease models in vitro and in vivo. Trr 267 includes 18 research projects under the leadership of 30 principal investigators.

Regulation and mechanism of action. Project section A assembles projects that analyse the regulation and mechanism of action of non-coding RNAs.


  • -Epigenetic and transcriptional control
  • -Splicing & processing
  • -Regulation & diffenrentiation

Development and disease relevance. Section B of the subprojects bundles projects that aim to decipher the role of ncRNAs in CV development, disease and regeneration.

  • -Development
  • -Disease relevance
  • -Regeneration

-Transcriptomics and proteomics platform

-Bioinformatic analysis platform